Our local Advisory Board consists of local men and women who represent a variety of businesses and interests who all share the desire to make a difference in the lives of children in the Fort Atkinson Community.

Parents of Purdy, Luther, Rockwell and Barrie students are very lucky to have a safe, structured, educating, and socializing after school program like the Boys & Girls Club to place their children during the work week. The mix of various programming and exercise activities is truly an enjoyable experience for the students. The Club benefits from a member make up of all social and economic backgrounds, and is intentionally made affordable for all parents,

As a parent of two BGC students at Rockwell, I love the homework element of the program. If my kids can get a jump on that evening’s homework, it gives our family more time to spend together once we’re all home. It’s amazing what an extra hour of free time can do for a family in the evening.

Alicia and the club’s Advisory Council work hard year round to make sure the funds are available to support the club’s operations. Our budget is funded through donations from corporations and individuals along with fundraising events and grants.
— Steve Schafer, Advisory Board Chair
 Advisory Board completing the strategic planning process in October 2017

Advisory Board completing the strategic planning process in October 2017

Advisory Board

Steve Schafer, Chair

Premier Bank

Jayne Pfeifer- Public Relations and Communications Committee Chair

Badger Group

Hannah Bare


Jordan Lippert

Vance, Wilcox and Martin Law

Whitney Townsend

Northwestern Mutual

Nicole Leibman

Fort HealthCare

Steve Molthen

Jones Dairy Farm

David Geiger*, ex-officio

Luther Principal

Leigh Ann Scheuerell*, ex-officio

Purdy Principal

Jennifer Walden, ex-officio

Rockwell Principal

Brent Torrenga, ex-officio

Barrie Principal

Sue Hartwick, ex-officio

Fort Atkinson Community Foundation

Alicia Norris, Club Director

Advisory Board Committees

Program and Operations Committee

Public Relations and Communications Committee

Finance  Committee

Fundraising Events Committee

Honorary Committee