Welcome Back (to School)!!

minions back to school.jpg

Welcome back!! I hope everybody had a GREAT summer!!

The staff are excited to be back at BGC with everybody and can't wait to have fun this year!!

duck race banner.png

DON'T FORGET...the Duck Race is on Saturday, September 16th. You (or your parents!) can get tickets from any of the staff for your chance to win a prize! There will be tons of fun stuff for you to do, including a bounce house!!

PLUS, the site who sells THE MOST tickets will get to use the bouncy house on Friday, September 15th during club time!!

Play any games on the club blog and have a GREAT school year!!



STEM: Science

Next week we start our new session, STEM. Here is a short video about STEM and what some examples of what you guys might be doing during club time next week!!

Science is the first part of STEM! Science has anything to do with animals, the environment, solar systems, and a ton of other stuff!!

Once you've watched the video, feel free to play some science games on PBS Kids!