67 Days of Expanding Minds and Opportunities

So today I begin....reading this somewhat large and intimidating book entitled Expanding Minds and Opportunities which is a compendium of studies, reports and commentaries from over 100 professionals to impact the future of expanded learning opportunities.

Why 67 days? There are 67 articles, and each day my intention is to find the time during my day to read one.  67 works days will take me to the end of January give or take a few days for the holidays. Giving myself the time to read one article over the next 67 days will help me ACTUALLY read this book which has been sitting on my shelf for the last 6 months. I have glanced at the book, flipped through the pages nonchalantly but the spine is not creased and there are no highlighted pages which I intend to change in the next 67 days.

For those of you who know me, I am a learner- I love books, studying, processes, evaluations etc... I miss school and education and strive to incorporate as many learning opportunities into my day which then gets trickled down to my team of staff members and our Club members. My mind is wrapped around the question, how can we be more effective at the Club to help our young people be more successful in life?

This book was perhaps an impulse purchase after viewing an Afterschool Alliance webinar but I have come to realize how this book could transform not only myself, but the Boys & Girls Club of Fort Atkinson as well. Our vision is to be the leader in after school programming- how can we take our program to the next level?

Stay tuned, my first article " The Potential of Quality Afterschool and Summer Learning Programs and 21st Century Learning Centers for Supporting School Success." Sounds relevant to me!

Have a GREAT weekend,