Rethink YOUR Drink!

This week at the club is "Rethink Your Drink" and both staff and members are enjoying the activities thus far that this week! Tomorrow, we will be in Club Tech for our program portion of the day, and we will begin by watching a youtube video,

It describes the amount of sugar that is in each can of soda and just gives basic statistics. I am hoping that they will remember this video when reaching for a soda the next time or when asking a parent for one. Following that, we will have a discuss of what else has lots of sugar in it when in relation to things that they drink. That will lead us to our next link:

This link describes the five C's of sugary drinks. I will have them read the article and then we will have the opportunity to de-brief and each member will have the chance to state what surprised them the most about the five C's: Calories, Content, Caffeine, Calcium- Loss and Cavities! 

Lastly, we will look over this file that lets them self evaluate themselves on what they drink and what they can do to improve.

I am looking forward to a great discussion and getting informed on what we all put into our bodies when choosing what to drink.