Giving Back Week

It is Giving Back Week at the Club! This is one of the staff's favorite weeks because we like reminding the members there is always something to do to be able to give back. For instance, on Monday we made cards during the arts where the members were told to write a card to someone that means something to them and thank them for being influential in their life. We had enthusiastic kids and some even wanted to write more than one. Each of the staff received at least one as well- great little reminder that we have the power to be positive role models to the club kids! 

In club tech this week, we are going to be opening up a word document and I will have the members bullet five ways they can give back; either in their community, at school or even to a loved one. After everyone is finished, I am going to encourage the children to share as a whole group or with a few friends that are sitting near them. I always think it is a great idea for the kids to hear their peer's ideas as well- sparks more imagination and lets kids hear some ideas that they might not have thought about beforehand. 

After everyone is finished sharing, we will debrief and talk about some ways we can give back that we didn't know before. Wrapping it all together, I hope to motivate the members to go home that night and give back in any way they can.