Pennies for Paws

This week we are getting ready to start our annual penny drive. The pennies we raise will be donated to help benefit the Humane Society of Jefferson County! Every penny counts, so lets see how many we can collect to help the animals in need!

The Humane Society of Jefferson County's mission since 1922 has been to provide for the lost, homeless, neglected, and abused animals of Jefferson County. Yearly, they care for over 1,500 animals including dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, birds, and other small animals! If your family is ever interested in adopting an animal, volunteering, or donating to the shelter you can check out their webpage.

The Humane Society of Jefferson County

Here are a few links of Cats and Dogs in need of a home to help us see the importance of helping these animals.

Help us find a home- cats

Also, here are two Pedigree Ads. When we buy pedigree, they make a donation to help dogs in need.



It is important for us to know that animals are a lot of responsibility, and that it is very important to take care of our pets! Help make a difference by saving up those pennies, so we can help the animals in need!

Here is a link to the Animal Planet website with some really cool animal games. Have fun, and enjoy the rest of your week!

Animal Planet Games