BE Peaceful!

Happy December Everyone! 

This week at the club is BE Peaceful week! Yesterday at Luther, the members made the Boys and Girls Club Logo and placed all of their painted hand prints all around it. Then they would take a marker and write what they enjoy doing at the club. It was a chance for the members to de brief and re-evaluate what they truly enjoy doing after school. 

As for Club Tech, we will start with the following link: 

This website asks the students questions and for every ten questions they get correct, the website donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Program to help end hunger. It's a really interesting and fun website! I know all the kids will really enjoy it!

After they are done experimenting with that website, they will have the option to go this another link:

At this site, they talk about world peace and what kids can do to help achieve world peace!

After all the club members have had the opportunity to explore the posted links, they will have the option to play some non- violent games:

Have a great week and happy first week of December! :)