The Ancient World!

The Ancient World starts in 3300 BC to 600 AD. That is a span of 3,900 years. 

The Egyptian time period began in 3200 BC (5,214 years ago) and Egypt is still a country in Northern Africa today. Egypt is known for its great pyramids, mummies, and Pharaohs. Below is a website with different links related to Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt

The website below includes activities that teach you how to make your OWN mummy, take the BBC pyramid challenge, take the ancient God challenge, and many more fun activities.

Egyptian Activities

Ancient Greece was a Greek civilization that existed from the Archaic period(800-600 BC)to antiquity (600 AD). That is 1,300 years  of the Greek society. The link below is a website that has topics involving Ancient Greece. You can learn more about the Greek world, The Olympic Games, Gods and Heroes, Sparta, and many more. Each of these topics includes quizzes about the topic, fun activities, and fun facts for YOU to learn about. ENJOY!

Ancient Greece