Luck of the Irish (March 17 - March 21)

Luck of the Irish

This week we celebrate our friends from Ireland and the Irish culture!

The first question you might ask is: "Where's Ireland?"
Look at the map below to answer that question!

Click Here for the Map!

Ireland is not a very big country. Would you believe that you could fit the entire country of Ireland inside the USA 137 times? There would even be some extra space left over!

Watch the video below for a "virtual" tour of Ireland:

Ireland is a very old country full of history!

Even though Ireland isn't the biggest country, there are a lot of influences that have come from Ireland.

Like Potatoes!

Like Leprechauns!

Like Music!

And More Music!

Like Dancing!

Like Famous Ships!

Comment on this blog and let us know what your favorite Irish influence is!

Once you have commented on the blog, you may proceed to the games below:

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