Welcome Back

Welcome Back to Club! The Club staff are very excited to start the new school year. We have lots of fun things planned for you and look forward to many adventures at the Club.

Do you remember our Club rules? They are pretty similar to the rules you see at school....

BE Respectful

·        Respect yourself, staff and other club members

·        Use appropriate language

·        Use a polite tone of voice and voice level

·        Listen when others are talking

·        Have a positive attitude

·        Use good manners


BE Responsible

·        Give 100% and do your best!

·        Listen, participate and follow directions

·        Clean up after yourself– we all use the space, we all need to take care of it

·        Share

·        Keep your toys, electronics, candy and food in your backpack


BE Safe

·        Keep your hands and body to yourself

·        Walk inside the school building

·        Listen to the staff and follow directions

·        Stay in assigned areas

·        If you need help, ask the staff



Internet Safety is also really important to us, so we have a fun website for you to visit. There are videos, activities and games!

CLICK HERE to go to the Website

Lastly, here at the Club we want ALL our Club members to feel welcome, have fun and make new friends. Have you ever heard of Kid President? He is a kid, just like you who is trying to make the world more AWESOME. He has some great advice for kids and is pretty funny too. Check out this quote and a video too!!