Energy Heroes!

This week's theme is Energy Heroes! Everyday we can choose to be energy heroes whether we are at school, at Boys and Girls Club, or even at home. Let's watch these video to see how we can become energy heroes!


This next one is all about conservation and recycling. Let's check it out!


Our last video is really cool - it shows us how we can change the world in just five minutes! While watching, let's think of ways that we too can change the world.


Now that we know a little bit more about how to become energy heroes, we can visit some of these sites below to learn more information and also play some really fun games about energy!

Energy Kids Information and Games

Alliant Energy Kids Games

Energy Games and Puzzles!


Now that we've learned so many cool ways to become Energy Heroes, even when in school, at the Club, or at home, comment below one your favorite way to become an Energy Hero!