College Week

It's College Week here at the Club Blog! Do you see yourself going to college in the future? Where do you think you want to go? Madison, Whitewater, Oxford, or Harvard? Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? There is a college for everything!

When your graduate from high school, your future is anything you want it to be.

Sports are a fun and inviting aspect of college. Everyone gets together to have a cookout party before the big football game! It is a lot of fun!

There is a lot more to college than just sports. They have a wide variety of different clubs and organizations that you can join. Can you think of any clubs that you would want to join? Well let me tell you, they have a club for that! You can even create your own club!! How exciting is that? It is very cool.

To end the day, here are some fun games for you to play!