Lets go fishing!

Lets go fishing!

It is that time of the year to grab your pole and head out fishing. Raise your hand if you like to go fishing?

There are several places in the area to catch some fish but there is one place that runs right through the middle of Fort Atkinson.

Any ideas? See the picture below for a hint....

If you guessed the Rock River, you are correct! Nice job!

Did you know that the Bark River is also in Fort Atkinson? The CONFLUENCE (where 2 rivers meet) of the Bark River and the Rock River is in Fort Atkinson near the fish hatchery. See if you can find the confluence on the map below.

According to Wikipedia, the Rock River is a tributary of the Mississippi River, approximately 299 miles (481 km) long and flows through Wisconsin and Illinois. The Rock River passes through Watertown, collects the Crawfish River in Jefferson, and receives the Bark River at Fort Atkinson. In northern Rock County it receives the Yahara River, and flows southward through Janesville and Beloit into northern Illinois, where it receives the Pecatonica River.

In a few weekends, on Saturday June 6th there is a FREE Fishing Derby for kids on the Rock River. You can participate as long as you have a parent fill out the registration form (ask a staff for one). There will be a FREE lunch from 1-3pm, and FREE guest speakers from 3-5pm.

I wonder what kind of fish you could catch? What do you think?

Lets explore some FISH OF WISCONSIN. Do you think you could catch ALL of these in the Rock River? Probably not, because all fish require different habitats to survive.

Check out the records for the largest fish caught in Wisconsin too. Some of them were caught right here in Jefferson County.

Make sure grab the paperwork from the Club staff to join the fun at the fishing derby for your chance to catch a big one!