Back to School Week!! :)

Welcome to our second week at the Club! Club Tech is a weekly program where we watch videos, play games, and learn some cool facts about the theme of the week! This week's theme is Back to School so to start, we are going to go over some Club Tech Guidelines. Remember, following these rules will show us you deserve to do lots of fanatastic activities while in Club Tech! :)

Let's review some rules real quick!

1. We should not give out personal information while playing games online. This means that if you need to enter in a log in and password to play a game or go to a site, we are not allowed to do that activity.

2. We do not check our email or any other social media while in Club Tech. We don't post anything to other sites either.

3. Be respectful of your computer volume. if you would like to listen to something, put on your headphones, but make sure the volume is at an appropriate level!

4. When we log on to the computers, we must use our BGC log in and password - we should not be using our school log in and password.

5. When playing the games for each week, remember to stay on the games that were specifically chosen for you to play. We should not be clicking on ads or other games/YouTube clips that were not posted in the blog.

6. Remember to be Respectful, Responsible and Safe!!

Now that we've gone over some basic guidelines, watch this clip below to get you back into school mode!!


I hope you enjoyed that video!! Here is a website that talks about being safe online. Let's listen to what he has to say and look around a bit!

Did you learn something new? Or was most of it a review of how to be respectful, responsible, and safe while at Club Tech?

Either way, don't forget what we've covered today because these rules and guidelines will be used the rest of the year!

Now lets have some fun! For the remaining time, you may go on to cool math or tux paint!