Music Week

It is music week at the club! Raise your hand if you like music. Music is what makes the world go round! Everyone has their favorite song or favorite signer. The way I think the best way to learn about music is to listen to it!

This first group is called Pentatonix. They are an acapella group. Raise your hand if you know what that is? It is a group that do not use any instruments. All the sounds you hear are coming from their mouths!! This is an evolution of music! it goes back before the 1900s! 

This next movie clip is music and dancing from all over the world! Pay attention to the colors and costumes as well! 

This next video will allow you to learn more about how to read music!

This next video combines a bunch of songs together to make a mini video! It has about kids your age in it! 

Hope you enjoyed music week on the blog!