Once In A Blue Moon

It's once in a blue moon week at the club! Can you think of any things happen in the world that may occur once a month or further apart? Lets start with an event that happens once every four years? Can you think of it? If you guessed Leap Year you are correct! Normally there are 28 days in February, but this year there are 29. Do you know why? Lets let the veggie tale team tell us!

I bet you there are a lot of things that happen once in a blue moon....here is another one that I was thinking about! Have you ever been outside when it is not raining, but yet, there is lighting? That does not happen often, but does happen! Take a look how lighting forms! 

The moon has different phases! These phases happen every so often! Lets learn more about it!

The last event that happens every so often that I thought of is a solar eclipse! This is so cool when you look up in the sky and see it! Lets take a look!