Summer is almost over but we have so much more to do and learn!

Hello and welcome to another week of our amazing BGC summer program! This week is another week of our Splish Splash week! Though Club Tech doesn't have much to do with the water we can still learn other stuff!

Throughout the weeks I (Mr. Philip) have been using PowerPoints to teach things from Going Green, Technology in schools and Art. Now its everyone's turn! We have learned a lot throughout the summer and its time to teach me what you learned and what you liked!

Today we will be making our own Short PowerPoints about your favorite things we have learned in club tech this summer, the PowerPoints will consist of 3 slides: 

  • A title slide which will consist of the name of the presentation and your own name
  • a slide about your favorite Club Tech subject and why
  • a slide about your favorite game you played in Club Tech and why

And of course afterword we can go to playing the awesome games or making code or drawing in Tux paint!