Football Week!

How many of you members play football? Whether it is tackle, tag, or two hand touch in the yard, it still counts. Football is one of the best team sports out there. Who is your favorite team to root for? At Barrie, it seems like there are mostly Packer fans with a couple of Bears fans.


This first video ranks the top 10 best plays ever in the NFL. See if your favorite team makes the top 10!

How many of you watch college football? Is anyone a Wisconsin Badger fan? Did you see 2 weeks ago when the Badgers beat LSU  who was the second best team in the nation!?! Here is the highlight video of that game.

Tackle football is at all levels! This next video has kids in it not much older than you! Take a look at their trick play!


Last week you guys were introduced to PowerPoint, how did it go? This week I want you to open up PowerPoint, and then make it all about your favorite football team. Include pictures of logos and your favorite player(s)!! Winner will get a prize and can get there PowerPoint on the website next week!



You can play sports games here! Try to find the football one!