Fall Week

Welcome boys and girls to fall week! The leaves are beginning to change, the weather (should) start getting cooler, it is almost Halloween, and as we saw last week... there is a lot of football! What are some of your favorite fall activities to do? Do you do them yourself or do you do them with family or friends? Do you like Fall or would you rather have it be Summer? In these next videos you will learn about why the leaves turn colors and more!

This next video is a cool ideas to do with friends! 

This next video is a great idea to do with your family!! Try it at home and bring some in for your teachers! :)

This weeks power point challenge: Open up power point and create slides that are your favorite activities to do in the fall. Make sure to include a title slide. Your power point may end up on next weeks blog!

For games this week you have to click on this link, yohttp://www.kidactivities.net/category/Seasonal-FallAutumn-Games.aspxu and find a new game you can play with your friend tomorrow at recess! 

Once you are done finding your idea for this week, you can play games at coolmath-games.com