Club Tech is Changing!

Hello all! 

Welcome back to BGC after winter break. It was good to spend time at home and relax over the holidays. Now school has started back up and so has BGC. I know Club Tech is one of the favorite programs of the Club because a lot of our members like to play games, but Club Tech is changing for the rest of the school year!

Club Tech is meant to be fun (like all our programs!) and to teach you all how to be safe online and know how to use different computer programs, not just play games. Computer games can still be part of BGC, but Club Tech is going to help you get better with technology now.

Every week during Club Tech members will log onto MY.FUTURE.NET/ESSENTIALS to begin learning and earning online badges! One staff member will lead Club Tech and the group will do the activity together, things like how to search online safely, stopping cyber-bullying, how to create pictures, what parts make a computer, and more!

This week members can watch the blog videos and play games, but be ready for Club Tech to change NEXT WEEK!