Pennies for TREES!

Today we kick off our annual penny drive at the Club. This is our 5th year doing our penny drive and over the years we have raised thousands of dollars in pennies and coins!

Every body has a PENNY. A small coin, worth 1 cent but together as a group we can make a big impact. Check out this video- students from the City of New York collected 1 million dollar of pennies.

Think for a minute... Where can you find a penny?

This year we will be raising money to purchase trees to plant in Fort Atkinson. Back in 2002, the Emerald Ash Borer (also known as the Green Menace) was found in North America. Check out this short video about the beetle and how it hurts our Ash Trees.

Here in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin- many of our city trees had to be cut down because of this little Green Menace. Over 120 trees need to be replanted, and there is a group of people in our community raising money to plant 60 new trees this year.

The cost of 1 bare root tree is $175.  This year, BGC Fort Atkinson will have a goal of raising $175 at EACH Club location. That is $700 for all 4 sites. Each CENT we raise, will be matched so our $175 becomes $350 and our $700 becomes $1,400. If we raise our goal, how many trees can we plant?

In addition, we have another donor that will match an additional $175, which will also be matched to total $350. So now how many trees can we plant?

Whoa. That's a lot of numbers. Lets think about it real quick.

If 1 tree costs $175 and we raise a total of $1,750- that is 10 trees!

Why are trees so important?

Start collecting your coins so YOU can make a difference in our community!

Once you have finished going through the blog and a Club staff says it is okay, you may play these games: