Introduce Yourself

1.       Open Microsoft Word

2.       Press Create Blank Document

3.       Create a drawing of yourself by using the insert tab on the top of the page. 

4.       Insert, Shapes

a.       Circle for head

b.       Small circles for eyes

c.        line for arms and legs

d.       squiggle lines for hair

e.       create shoes or hat using lines

5.       Adjust size of shapes by clicking on the shape, making the 6 circles appear, click and hold one of the corner circles of the shape.  Move mouse in to make shape smaller, move mouse back to make shape bigger. 

6.       Move the shape by clicking on the shape, holding the shape and dragging it on the page. 

7.       Add color to your drawing by clicking on the shape, click the format tab on the top, select shape fill and pick a color. 

8. Write a sentence or two explaining yourself to everybody at the club.