It's Raining Cats & Dogs

Scavenger hunt online!!

Staff: helps kids get into groups, each group can only have one person from each grade (if possible) ex. Group 1: 1 kindergartner 1 first grader, 1 second grader....

You can use more than one computer.  If you want o complete the scavenger hunt on your own you may.  

1. Open up a word document to write down what you find during the scavenger hunt.  

2. Find the weather for Fort Atkinson.  Hint:

3. How far is the Earth from the Sun? Hint: (type in the question)

4. How deep is the Atlantic Ocean? Hint: ( type in question)

5. How many sides does a dodecagon have? Hint: (type in question)

6. When is the first day of summer? Hint: (type in question)

7. What phase is the moon in tonight? Hint: (type in question)

8. When is a good time to plant a garden? Hint: (type in question)

9. What time is the sun going to set today? Hint: (type in question)

10. Go to the Boys & Girls Club website and each member type a fact or something interesting they find about the club.  Hint: 

When finished, have a staff check your scavenger hunt, then ask to play games.