Outdoor Fun

We are coming to the end of our first session of summer already! We've had tons of fun exploring the outdoors. 

One of my favorite childhood summer activities was going camping with my family. Between swimming in the lake and having s'mores by the bonfire, it was always fun.

Here's a video of some of the great campsites and campgrounds in Wisconsin that you and your family can visit and make some great summer memories! :)

Camping is a great way to have some fun and you can learn so much about the outdoors doing it! Let's do some trivia/quiz about the outdoors.

Club Staff: One of you please run the Kahoot! for the students. They can play in individuals or in pairs!

Club Members: Please listen to your staff. Have fun and please make your nicknames appropriate and recognizable.

Have fun everybody! 

If permission is given by the staff, please visit the last post for some games to play when you're done with the activities!


See you next time :)