The Boys & Girls Club of Fort Atkinson currently serves elementary school children who are at least 6 years old & attend Luther, Purdy, Barrie and Rockwell Elementary Schools.

2018-2019 Fee Structure

Essentially there are 3 fee options- you will pick ONE.

  1. Full Pay ($280/month) if you qualify for WI Shares (day care assistance program). To see if you qualify for WI Shares visit
  2. Full pay  ($280/month) if your annual household income is higher than $200,000
  3. Scholarship Rate of $10 annually per member if you do not qualify for shares & make less than $200,000/year.

In order to receive #3- you must submit ONE of the following income verification documents to Megan Murphy at or via fax at 608-661-4733:
1. Denial letter from the Department of Children and Families for the WI Shares Program
2. Taxes that show your family's income is over 185% of the Federal Poverty Level (see below)
3. Unemployment Check
4. Letter from a case worker. 

2018 FIL.png