To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as responsible, productive and caring citizens.

Our Core Values:

·       Developing skills in character development, achievement, cooperation, problem solving and friendship for our members, parents, staff and volunteers
·       Fostering an environment that demonstrates an appreciation of others, understanding and celebrating others’ differences and promoting positive citizenship throughout our entire community.
·       Serving the community with leadership, volunteerism, and integrity.

 Our Vision:

·       To create a desirable and consistent after-school program, for members to belong, which include unique opportunities for members to participate in through an intentional delivery of authentic and creative experiences, focusing in developing the whole child.
·       To expand membership in programming, board participation, and volunteer capacity in order to meet the diverse needs of youth in the community.
·       To strategically partner with the school district, academic institutions, and community groups and other key stakeholders to develop innovative programming and promote unique volunteer opportunities, including committee and/or board participation.
·       To develop financial stability through a diverse and sustainable funding structure including long-term corporate, community, and individual partnerships.
·       To provide ongoing staff professional development, resources and skills necessary to successfully work with members of the club in order to ensure a positive club experience for staff, members and families.