Each month, the Club celebrates the accomplishments of one or Two members at each club site for their GREAT leadership, participation, attitude and behavior. These members have shown the Club staff how to BE respectful, responsible, and safe and Are positive role models for other Club members.

Check out our January 2018 Members of the Month!


Ellie - Luther.jpeg


                                  Member since 2017                 1st grade                               "She is a pleasure to have at the Club every day!  She is always respectful to Staff and Club members." - Miss Amber









Carter - Luther.jpeg

Carter                              Member since 2016

                2nd grade                          "Carter is a kind and caring Club member and is a pleasure to have at the Club! - Miss Amber


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To Be Announced...

Pic coming soon.png

                     To Be Announced...


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Jillian - Rockwell.jpg

Jillian                                 Jillian's favorite BGC activity is free time                                  Her favorite school subject is art, she likes purple, trivial pursuit, spaghetti with tomato sauce, and likes to visit Lakeland Animal Shelter                                          


Ripley - Barrie.jpeg